The CIT program at Lonehollow is designed for students entering their senior year of high school. For former campers, this program helps to ease the transition from camper to counselor.

CITs are held to the same standard as Lonehollow Guides, participating in the complete application and interview process. While at camp, CITs live in a cabin with campers and teach activities during the day. All CIT positions at Lonehollow are paid.

"The CIT program emphasizes the community between CITs. It's almost like a built-in support system for the future."

-Grace, 2018 CIT



2018 CIT, Former Camper

"After being a camper for eight years, it was incredible to shift from being part of the camp experience to actually facilitating it. Making that transition was a very cool and memorable experience for me."



2018 CIT

"Becoming a full counselor will be a smooth transition from a CIT because I was given extra help along the way and always had a source for when I had questions. It really did not make a difference that I wasn't a camper at Lonehollow. I feel like I was able to create my own experience."



Counselor and Former Camper, 2017 CIT

"Being a CIT let me follow and learn from other counselors who had been around for many  years while being able to give my input from my experiences as a camper."

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