Tell a story this summer

Get hands-on, practical experience in the fields of photography, video production, marketing, and social media brand management as a member of the Camp Lonehollow Media Team.


Lonehollow photographers take more than 1,000 photos every day that tell the full story of the day's events and provide our parents at home with an essential connection to their campers. Your photos will live on after camp is over not only in your professional portfolio, but also in future marketing endeavors and publications.


Capture the emotion and excitement of camp life on film. Utilize Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite to plan, shoot, and edit videos that campers, families and fellow staff will enjoy for years to come. The work you produce at Lonehollow will go a long way toward building an extensive and impressive reel.

Social Media Manager

Sharpen your communication and social media skills all while giving your resume a boost. Engage with thousands of campers and parents online, familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Instagram, Facebook, and other popular platforms, and find your perfect social media voice.

Tell the story of camp

The Media Team plays a crucial role in capturing and documenting the story of Lonehollow. It's more than taking pictures, shooting video, and crafting stellar Instagram captions.

Being a member of the Media Team means capturing the stories of success: the face of a boy who finally makes it to the top of the rock wall, the fist pump of a girl who wins her canoe race, the victory hugs between campers celebrating a banner win.

The Lonehollow Media Team captures and documents these moments and helps us share them with the world, all while learning new skills, building lasting relationships, and improving their craft.



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